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Monday, February 11, 2013

Mugshot Monday #3, I am the Walrus

This is the guy who has been stalking me. Really. He has. A few weeks ago, I did a Google search on "mugshots", and ever since, this guy has popped up everywhere, advertising arrest record search services. I go to Amazon, he's there. I go to Yahoo, he's there.  GoComics, he's there. I am losing patience with targeted advertising!  I hoped that by painting him, I could make him go away.  I'll let you know how that works out. Meanwhile, it gave me some practice in painting chubby faces with unique facial hair.


  1. Haha - this is so funny and he DOES look like a Walrus. I've been itching to do a mugshot series like Karin Jurick and now you!! Very inspiring!!

    I don't usually do faces and I've only done one so far - might be time to get out of my comfort zone :)

  2. Thanks, Judy! Doing mugshots is contagious. And you'll never run out of material!