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Monday, January 21, 2013

Mugshot Monday

Still playing with faces. I am taking a cue from the uber-talented Karen Jurick and painting mugshots. Real ones.  Check out her Bust-ed blog here.  She teaches this in her classes too, so you'll see painters all over the internet painting mugshots of the arrested and not-so-arrested in mugshot poses.

Why mugshots?  Well, for me, it's hard to find models to sit when I have a few spare moments. Of course, the web is full of people photos, but 98% of them are smiling, so they aren't good subjects for formal portrait painting practice.  People do tend to be serious during the arrest process.  And face it -- mugshots are a resource we won't run out of anytime soon.  Some of them have hilarious expressions.  Some mugshot photographers have a very artistic sense of lighting. Overall, mugshots are great for practicing painting the human face. So, a new semi-regular series is born -- Mugshot Mondays. 
Mugshot Monday #1
Oils on canvas, 8x10"

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