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Friday, November 25, 2011

Gold Ornament

Gold Ornament, palette knife painting
Oils on canvas, 6"x6"
For Sale $50

Tuesday, November 22, 2011

Pin Oak Leaf

Pin Oak Leaf, palette knife painting
Oils on canvas 6"x6"
For Sale $50

Thursday, November 17, 2011

A Tax-Deductible Golden Retriever

Finally, what we've all been waiting for -- a dog that is tax-deductible!  The good news is that this one won't shed, chew the laces out of your new running shoes, or bark inexplicably in the middle of your nap.  And the even better news is that by purchasing this painting, you will help my favorite Adopt a Golden Atlanta rescue organization.  That's right, act now to donate $250 or more to Adopt a Golden Atlanta through their website here, then email me your Paypal receipt.  You get the tax deduction, this 11x14" oil painting, and the satisfaction of knowing that you are helping Golden Retrievers in need.  $250 will pay for: half the fee of a heartworm treatment for one dog; assist in paying for spaying and neutering of new dogs in our program; or help in the training and rehabilitation of dogs abused and abandoned by their owners.

Golden Retriever
Oils on hardboard

If you prefer not to use Paypal but wish to participate in this offer, please just contact me. We can work something out.

Thursday, November 10, 2011

Night of the Living Gourds

One of the things I love about fall is gourds. I love having them around the house to just catch your eye with their unusual shapes and colors. I used to look forward to buying them every year, but somehow my husband has taken over that duty. He comparison shops carefully, picking out each gourd with the precision you'd expect of someone picking out a big ticket item, not a three-for-a-dollar gourd. The slightest bruise, and out it goes. He puts great thought into where each gourd should go in the house. He has been kind enough to allow me to paint a few. However, this year, he *did* suggest I take a photo of them before I touch them, so I could return them to the *exact* spot I found them. Thankfully, his hearing is not the best, and he couldn't hear my whispers of "OCD!" whenever he walked by..... I spent last weekend painting a few gourds, and tried my best to return them to their designated spots.

Yellow Swan Gourd
Oils on canvas, 8"x10"
For Sale, $75

Orange-Green Gourd, palette knife painting
Oils on canvas, 6"x6"
For Sale, $50

 Green Gourd, palette knife painting
Oils on canvas, 6"x6"
For Sale, $50

Sunday, November 6, 2011

Road to the Barn

Road to the Barn, South Georgia
Oils on canvas, 6x6"
Palette Knife Painting
For Sale, $50

Thursday, November 3, 2011

Last Mums of the Year

Last Mums of the Year
Oils on Canvas, 11"x14"
For Sale, $125

Tuesday, November 1, 2011

Fireworks, Golden Retrievers, and the Frankenstein of Pumpkins

Last year, my doofus of a neighbor started a new neighborhood tradition for Halloween -- First, play loud and spooky music just as it starts to get dark. Then, as groups of kids go by, set off very loud and very illegal fireworks, causing said group to scream loudly. Needless to say, this is a bit much to take for even the most saintly of Golden Retrievers.

So Beck and I started a new Halloween tradition of our own -- First, he comes somewhat willingly to my studio basement. Then, as the neighborhood tradition outlined above commences, one of us paints and the other paces the basement nervously with large rawhide bone in mouth. I am really hoping that next year, he will let *me* do the painting part.

This is my friend Jack, a curmudgeon of a ceramic pumpkin doo-dad.

My Friend Jack
Oils on canvas, 6"x6" palette knife painting
For Sale, $50

Here's a link to last year's painting of Jack.