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Wednesday, June 22, 2011

Excerpts from The Elvis Diaries, Day 17

We went for another walk this morning. I'm beginning to understand I have to have the long chokie thing attached to me before we can go. But Beck doesn't seem to mind it, and he wags his tail a lot when they put the "leash" on him, so it's not so horrible. I smelled many interesting things on our walk. I spent a long time sniffing at one house where a dog lived, and was in the middle of a sniff when I heard a growl and something running at me. I ran behind Mom just as Beck started growling at this big white shaggy thing. It didn't have a long chokie thing on, and didn't have any people with it at all. Boy, I'm glad Beck was there. Mom complained about the white shaggy thing's people all the way home then gave me an extra big breakfast.

Mom lets me help with dinner every night. Dad said my job is to lay down in the middle of wherever she needs to be. He said it's a Golden's duty. That's an easy job. Sometimes Mom gives me a carrot.  After dinner, it was laundry time. Mom was gathering all the towels in a basket, and I helped take them back out. When she pointed at me and gave me "the look," I went to my crate and got the towels from there and brought them to her all the way downstairs. She told me I was a good Golden. I wonder what that is. Then she told me to drop it. I hear that a lot but I don't know what that means either. I think I'll go see if I can find Mom's shoes.

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