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Saturday, April 30, 2011

Freddy's Boys

I recently finished a commission that is a large (24"x36") painting of two rescue dogs: Reilly and Cozmo.  I took some progress shots along the way and thought I'd share those with you too.

I initially did a 5x7" color sketch, to work out the composition from the small photograph, and determine colors I wanted to use.

Then, a life-sized drawing to work more on placement and composition. A bit hard to make out here. I scaled it up using a grid, and marked important measurements on the drawing, always helpful in getting a likeness.
Next up, I toned the canvas (a gorgeous deep, gallery-wrapped canvas from Dick Blick) a warm, golden color.
Then, the background and Reilly:
Followed by Cozmo:
Then I looked at it for a few days, made a few corrections and let it dry.  Here are some closeups of the boys:

And a better photo of the finish:
A little more time to dry, and the boys will be on their way home.....

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