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Wednesday, February 16, 2011

Painting for Love? Or Money?

Not that I will have to worry about this for some time to come, but I found Daniel Grant's blog entry "Do Artists Need To Be Specialists?" interesting.
Artists not only make images but project to the world an image they create of themselves through their artwork. That is to say, we know artists by what they do. We say, she is a landscape painter, he is a minimalist sculptor, and we know that by seeing a body of work that allows us to identify their respective subject matter, style and media. The more coherent the artist's work, the more easily we may recognize the creator.
To achieve that recognition, therefore, enabling a viability in the marketplace, artists must become specialists. The landscape painter must forego the photography and the performance art, the minimalist sculptor needs to spend less time with the rock-and-roll band and the theater company. Unfortunately, what makes sense in the market defies a basic element of creativity: Most creative people are interested in a variety of artistic doings, and choosing one that is more likely to earn them money and recognition may be a wrenching decision.
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