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Sunday, December 19, 2010

New Paints from Occhuzzie Paint Company

I love getting new art supplies. It's like Christmas every time. You wouldn't think someone could get excited about paint, but I do. A friend told me about a small paint company specializing in hand-milled oil paints. They were having a sale, and of course, I couldn't resist. Check it out. The sale is still going on. I think I'm in love with the cadmium red medium!

Here's to hoping I have time over the holidays to put this new paint in action....


  1. Yeah! Love your colors! :O)

    Wishing you much, much time to paint!
    I am determined to take time next week.
    It's just been so darn cold. I've used all my
    painting energy just to stay warm.

    So, what are you going to paint next?

  2. Hey! I know what you mean. It's warmer today but more cold weather (cold for us) is on the way. I am working on a large-for-me (16x20") landscape. I'm taking my time with it but will have to break soon for shampooing carpets. Stay warm!

  3. Wow Monica thanks so much! So glad you enjoy the paint! We love feedback and please keep us posted on anything you need in the future. We will always take care of you ;)
    (Love your layout of the paint to see the different values)
    Lance Main
    Occhuzzie Paint Co.

  4. Thank you, Lance! Of the paints I bought, the cad red medium caught my eye initially, but I may have begun a long-term love affair with the red ochre! The photo above does not do it justice...