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Friday, December 31, 2010

Learning Experience

I have done something over the holidays that I don't normally try to do -- copying the work of another artist. I was not, of course trying to copy for any reason other than learning. I've been struggling with a few things, such as making trees simple shapes with a variety of edges. Not painting every leaf. Making a tree look like a specific tree instead of  "every tree." There's a particular artist I admire who does all of those things in a masterful way, and I thought it would be a helpful exercise. Boy, was I right.  Please note I do not plan to name the artist, to save him or her cringing embarrassment. Suffice it to say, these are not for sale.

First up, a summer scene.
With this one, I was able to work on the trees as simple shapes, as well as edges. I love the way the artist hints at detail, and copying this was enlightening in that regard as well.

A winter scene:
I had to rush this one a bit, and so wasn't able to adjust values the way I wanted to. But I love the way the artist depicts bare branches. Mine still look a bit too leafy, but I still learned a lot about hinting at detail.

Fun, fun, fun!  Next up -- trying to apply these lessons to a composition of my own, before it's time to go back to TBP (The Bad Place -- work!).

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