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Sunday, August 1, 2010

When in Doubt, Clean

No, that's not a wise motherly saying. (In fact, anyone who knows my mother would be laughing right now -- let us just say that cleaning is not one of her strengths!)  No, it was time for my twice-yearly purging of the insect carcasses. I live in the South, and my studio is in the basement. Therefore, bugs are a part of life. Caulking and sealing windows and doors don't seem to matter. We've had every known form of arachnid from itsy-bitsy spiders to scorpions. We even had some form of almost-foot-long lizard last year but luckily all we had to do was open the door and encourage him to find his way out. The spiders have been particularly numerous this year.

This cleaning frenzy falls squarely in the category number 3 of the six enemies of painting mojo -- Distraction.  See (Six Enemies). I freely admit it. But it feels so productive. In addition to my normal cleaning, I prolonged the distraction by rearranging my studio in an attempt to make my painting space more efficient, as I finally broke down and bought something I hope will work as a taboret:
It should be here Monday and will provide hours of additional distraction as I try to figure out how to put it together. I think I'll leave off the knife holder, unless I can figure out how to make it work as a brush holder.

Here are pics of the re-arranged and recently purged studio:

Three doors and two windows make rearranging a challenge, but I think this will feel roomier. The last pic includes my puppy-chewed bookself with a plexiglass palette on top. It's a little bit too low and way too wobbly for that purpose, hence the kitchen cart idea.


  1. That's a basement??? With those pristine walls?
    Go ahead, Monica, paint those walls with your fave color, girlfriend. :-)
    I just rolled some yellow...but I don't wanna do the trim work. Bleh. ~
    Your studio is too neat, my sweet friend. Love your paintings on those wonderful shelves on every wall!
    Hugs, DJ

  2. Yes, I went with a boring light gray paint -- I am so adventurous! ;-) And the only reason it's neat is because I hauled literally every piece of furniture out to clean and move back in a different spot. What you can't see is the other room where all the extraneous junk is.

    I should also point out that I do clean more than twice a year. LOL!

  3. That light gray is prolly a good neutral background color for your paintings, though?
    Your space is way too pretty to be a basement; maybe it could be referred to as a downstairs room...
    No, a ground-level studio...Yeh, that's it!
    "Welcome to my ground-level studio, Dahling. I have my aht on display for your pleasah. Please don't touch...unless you're buying. Enjoy the view..."
    You could name your business "Ground Level Studio". It will look great on your new business cards...

  4. LOL! Great idea. You should be an artist-agent!