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Thursday, August 5, 2010

Taborets, again

Ok, I did it. I ordered a kitchen utility cart, spent two nights and a few skinned knuckles putting it together, and will now officially call it my "taboret".

It's on wheels, has a large work top with a drop leaf that adds 10 inches, and it's the perfect height for mixing paint. 

The drawer actually holds all my oil paints, although I did notice the bottom of the drawer is sagging a bit. I think I can actually fix that with my trusty electric screwdriver and a bolt.
I love the open shelf for things I'd grab often, like mediums and turps. And I'm sure the bottom cupboard will be packed soon enough.

Time to christen this bad boy this weekend! Clean *and* organized! No excuses now....


  1. Great idea, Monica...(I know it was a job putting it together!)
    You go, girlfriend...and enjoy.
    You deserve it.

  2. Oh it looks like a perfect taboret!!!!
    Congratulations!!!!!!!! Love the studio tour!

  3. Thank you, ladies! I used it yesterday and it was awesome! I'll post the painting later, still too wet to pick up.