The real voyage of discovery is not in seeking new landscapes but in having new eyes. - Marcel Proust

Tuesday, August 10, 2010

So tired of painting!

...our house, that is. (Gotcha!) Or rather, I should say, I'm tired of having our house painted by others. We'd ignored it far too long, which means it's taking longer to fix those things we should have taken care of long ago. And having the windows open is forcing me to clean the inside of the windows too -- the horror! It's giving the flies and skeeters a field day, of course, and the poor dog is absolutely exhausted by all the activity. Only one more day to go, luckily.

But one thing I discovered -- I can paint a tree or a dog in any color you want. But when someone asks me if I want to change the color my shutters are painted, I panic at the possibilities!
It's a good thing that the house is already painted, so I can just say -- match the color as close as you can. Otherwise, you never know what you might get. ;-) I've always been fond of a fluorescent green roof, haven't you?


  1. OK, Ms. Monica, that title was SO not funny...but the part about shutter-color-panic was hilarious! I LOL'd when I read it.
    It's like some males when the "M" word comes up: Fear of Commitment!
    Hope it's all done, out for those skeeters, honey...

  2. I sort of see this color house fitting in with the tropics say for example Hawaii! Cept honey, you got to jazz up those front stair rails! They are kind of bland.
    I bet your house will be real pretty painted all new.

  3. LOL! So glad you ladies "get" me. ;-)