The real voyage of discovery is not in seeking new landscapes but in having new eyes. - Marcel Proust

Sunday, July 25, 2010

Using Edges to Create Focus

This was an experiment in edges. I wanted to vary edges, but also use them to pull the eye to the focal point, in this case, the foremost tree where the light hits it. I used a knife to get a crisp edge, and softened the rest of the edges on that tree, then the same for the other trees, with the crisp edge on the second-most tree not quite as crisp. Each tree gets softer edges as you go back in the picture plane.

This was a quick 6x8" but I like the variety of edges.


  1. Beautiful!
    And if you change values/textures in the undergrowth as you go back, it will help with the depth, also.
    Gee, I love these colors, Monica!

  2. Thanks, DJ. I'm thinking this one might do well as a larger piece too. The yellows in the grasses are shades of yellow ochre and naples yellow, while the tree bark is raw umber and cad orange. That's the first time I used that combination, and I like it.

  3. Well, it looks great, and the soft moss green in the background just complements everything else...
    Well done ~