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Monday, July 26, 2010

Six Enemies of Painting Mojo

I thought this was a rather timely blog from FineArt Views, reissued today but originally posted in 2009 by Keith Bond.  It talks about the things that will kill your incentive, your faith in yourself as an artist.  He calls them the six D's:
  1. Doubt
  2. Discouragement
  3. Distraction
  4. Diligence (lack of)
  5. Disobedience
  6. Disbelief
Let's see -- 1. Guilty 2. Guilty 3. Guilty .........

FineArt Views


  1. Oh I needed to read this! What about dog tired?
    I think the heat this summer has been a real burden to mojo. And why does mojo sound like a man? I feel like putting my feet up and having someone make me margaritas at the seashore! Want to come? :)

  2. LOL! I am sure the heat has something to do with it too. It's just been hotter than normal for a lot longer than normal. And I will join you for the margaritas!