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Tuesday, June 1, 2010

Valley of Fire, Large Version

Spent the long weekend creating a large version of the Valley of Fire quick study, posted here:
Quick study

This is 20x24, very large for me, and probably the largest knife painting I've done. I couldn't complete it in one go, obviously but that worked out well, with the possible exception of the vegetation in the middle of the painting. I'll work on that more, I expect.
Because I worked on it over 3 days, and it dried in between sessions, I was able to do the knife equivalent of "dry brushing". I rather like the effect, and it really adds to the texture of the rocks.  Warning -- extreme closeup. Note that the color in the closeup is more accurate than the reds of the larger photo.
More fun with knives! I thought it would be more difficult to work with knives on a stretched canvas, but once I got used to the bounce, it was no problem.

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