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Thursday, June 3, 2010

Looking at Taborets

Ok, so while I was painting my Valley of Fire painting, I thought about my working setup. What I am using to hold my glass palette is a 40+ year-old small wobbly bookcase that has been the teething implement for generations of puppies. Sometime when I was about 11, I tried to refinish it, without knowing about things like sandpaper. Needless to say, it stays in the basement out of sight, along with all my other paint-smeared stuff.

In searching the internet for taborets, I'm shocked at two things -- what gets called an artist taboret, and what gets charged for them.  At one end, you have things like this for just under $200. I call this a rolling cart, not a taboret. Sure, it's metal and would last forever, but geez....
There are other artist taborets at most of the art supply places, and they typically look like this.  This one is about middle of the line, and includes an easel. Pretty sweet -- for over $1200, you can have a nice piece of furniture to get stained by paint. The thought of that makes the cheapskate in me shudder.

Then there are the top of the line, real ar-teest workstations, like those shown here.  These are amazing, but the site says -- call for pricing. You know what that must mean.

But wow, wouldn't these be fun to use?


  1. Hey Monica! Isn't it ridiculous what they sell as a taboret? And the prices, well they knock you dead. I do love that workstation, it looks like solid oak! Yum!

  2. Yes, Maryanna, it truly is outrageous! But yes, some of them are gorgeous....