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Tuesday, May 18, 2010

Palette Knife Painting

I think I'm in love with my palette knives. Can I say this without fear of being carted away? I think so, as there appear to be more and more palette knife painters out there. For example, see the new blog called Palette Knife Painters. There seems to be an infinite variety of things you can do with a palette knife.

I recently bought a used copy of a book published in 1971 by Coulton Waugh called How to Paint With a Knife.  It's really a fun book. You can tell he loves his palette knives too. In fact, he even gives them names. (I will proudly point out that I have not gone that far -- yet!) He has knives named Long John, Big Talk, and Mini Squirt, not to mention Palette Boy. Known more for his comics than his painting, he loved to paint large paintings with his knife-friends. I could only find a few images online.


  1. Cool! The books sounds wonderful! The artist naming his knives is not so strange. Men are known for naming their cars, motorcycles, etc. I think the only name above that sounds like a girl knife is mini squirt, maybe big talk, but long john could be long john silvers, a fishy joint. ;o)

    Monica I have a question for you. Do you know what to do when the metal knife falls loose from the handle, or slips around? I have a knife, when I wipe it clean, I always pull it out of the handle which is a pain. I am guessing the knife is just crimped into the handle because I don't see any type of glue or cement that might have come loose. What do you think? Thanks

  2. Hi M.A.. You're right -- maybe it is a guy thing! Don't know if I've ever heard of anyone naming paint brushes, but I suppose anything is possible.

    As for the knife, I wish I could answer. I'd probably try some superglue or something similar. And then possibly buying a new one. ;-)

  3. Thanks for the answer Monica. I will try some glue. I seem to pick bad knives. ;o( or either I am just too strong????

    So what are you gonna name your knives?

  4. You're just not aware of your own strength. ;-)

    Hmm, now you've given me something to think about -- what to name my knives!

  5. Hi Monica - thank you for mentioning the PKP Blog. And I love this post - but naming I tend to paint with one knife - I have bunches and isn't it funny how for Christmas other artists will give you a knife? Still I like my one (I bough two more just like it just in case it breaks or I lose never knows...

  6. Hey Judy! Thanks for the shout-out on your blog, too. I've been meaning to put the PKP widget on here, but have been too busy lately.

    I tend to paint with just one or two knives too. I've tried a couple of the bigger ones but most of my pieces are too small for big ol' spatula types of knives.

    Still contemplating what I could possibly call my favorite knife!