The real voyage of discovery is not in seeking new landscapes but in having new eyes. - Marcel Proust

Sunday, April 4, 2010

Suwanee Creek Plein Air, with audience

Today was another glorious day to be outside painting. Days like today only grace Atlanta 3 or 4 times per year. This is Suwanee Creek Greenway, painting of the creek. Sorry for the glare.
This was a strange experience, as I had a watcher from across the creek. Terrible photo, but you can just make him out:
It was a tiny Jack Russell terrier, who sat on the log I was painting, watching me. There is nothing but swamp and deer on that side of the creek for quite a distance. He wasn't wearing a collar and I tried to coax him into swimming the creek, but he just watched me until my husband stopped by with our big dog, then he ran off into the woods. I hope he has a home.


  1. I bet you go back and look for him/her. I'd love to have been painting the swamp with you. How's everything going? The paintings are looking good!

  2. I am tempted to go look for him, definitely! Wish you could have been there too. Thanks for the vote of confidence. I really need that workshop! LOL

  3. I went and bought the Plein Air magazine yesterday. The last time I went to look for it the store hadn't had it. First thing I noticed was the new editor. Really haven't read it yet though, just looked at the pictures. Maybe while I'm not housecleaning. You made my day!!! I did read somewhere, sometime recently about adding a snake bite kit to the plein air box. You should maybe have a kit since your painting in the swamp. And dog cookies too. ;O)

  4. Funny you should mention that! I discovered a nasty tick on my back the other day after my plein air outing. Maybe I need to pack a tick removal kit. ;-) I was wearing long pants but the bugger found a way in anyway. The bugs are supposed to be in the *paint*!

    Glad you're not wasting time cleaning. ;-)

  5. Oh my I left right after I read your post. No housework for me. It's terrible. Giggle. I even went out to eat breakfast at Waffle House. You will guess right, I had a waffle. Now I have all my housework to do tomorrow. Are you sure that no house work wasn't a week long affair? ;O)
    I know you are real careful. A bullseye, an expanding red circle around the bite area up to a month after the bite could be a sign of lyme disease. I think the tick needs to be attached to the skin for over 24 hours to pass the bacteria so you shouldn't have to worry.
    The thing that drives me crazy are fleas. The wild rabbits are the worse for causing fleas.