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Saturday, March 13, 2010

My New Guerrilla Thumbox

I have a new toy and I'm excited to start playing with it. It's the 6x8 Thumbox from Guerilla, and it is ca-yooot!  I also have the 9x12 pochade, which is great for longer sessions, but daunting when you want to do something quickly and discreetly.  Here's a photo of the two of them, so you can compare sizes:
I don't work much with the 6x8 size panels or canvas, as I think it's difficult to find frames for them reasonably priced. But Dick Blick has a great deal on these thumboxes, where you get the box, some size adapters for 5x7 and 4x6 panels, a brush washer, a set of brushes, and a palette extension. Priced separately, they cost much more than this deal. Here's what you get:
So you can use it with various size panels, even 8x10. Here's what it looks like with an 8x10 canvas panel in it, in vertical format, using the built-in holder:
Also included is an elastic doo-hickey that allows you to hold a panel that is larger than the built-in holders. Here's an 8x10 in horizontal format:

And, if I want to use my el-cheapo gessoed watercolor paper, I can clip it to a panel, and it fits either vertically into the panel holders or horizontally with the elastic doo-hickey:
My plan for this little guy is to use it on my lunch hour in my car -- auto de plein air. Now that the buds are starting to pop on the trees here, and the air is slightly warmer, my spring fever is in full force. I work in a nice office park with lots of quick study possibilities. There's a park not too far away.  I should be able to get 40-45 minutes of painting in. I will hold this in my lap, and have a box of supplies on the front seat next to me:
Once it starts getting warmer, I will likely take the thumbox into the office with me after lunch, so it doesn't sit in the hot car all afternoon.  That couldn't be good for the paint. If I could do this once or twice a week until the heat really kicks in, I'd be thrilled.


  1. Wow look at your thumbox and pochade! NICE! Really nice! I can't wait to see what you paint on your lunch break.

  2. Thanks, MaryAnna! I hope to get out soon, if it *ever* warms up.